Sea and Air Import

Sea and Air Import

Importing and shipping goods are no easy task without extensive knowledge and international connections. The procedures are governed by Israel authorities and the Standard Institute’s strict customs rules.


For quality and reliable services relating to Israel sea or air imports, Team International Transportation Ltd. is ready to assist you at the best prices. Whether you’re a beginner importer or in need of personal import solutions, we specialize in providing exceptional transport services.


Global solutions for you


Air transport is best for quick imports involving special items in small quantities. On the other hand, importing by sea is suitable for large products, items in bulk, and for shipping under a smaller budget.


Team Transport can assist you in choosing the right type of container for your needs and the optimal solution for your demands. We operate on a global scale with agents operating both inside the country and overseas.


We work with clients in arranging import and export services based on seaports and airports across different continents. More specifically, we handle goods that pass by the ports of Europe, America, and Asia. As for other countries such as Italy, France, Germany, China, India, Turkey, the United States, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Portugal, we operate regularly based on client requirements.


Uncompromising reliability on customs brokerage and logistics


Team Transport Ltd., managed by Noam Fengs, promises uncompromising reliability from our array of professionals and custom agents. We offer logistic services for all kinds of items – dry goods, refrigerated goods, prototypes, personal imports, standard cargo, and special cargo.


All of our processes are carried out with close supervision. Each client receives dedicated service, regular updates, and full transparency on all customs and insurance matters.


We offer you our full services at the most affordable and convenient prices.