Team Transport International Inc is an international freight forwarding company, which offers import and export services through air and water, and is dedicated to delivering quality and reliable work.

We have established a vast and global network of agents, with specific attention to Europe, the United States and the far east; In these areas we operate shipping which include land forwarding, administrative management and customs. Moreover, we have trading agreements with most of the shipping and airline companies, and uphold our reputation with competitive pricing. Our customer base is diverse and includes a range of companies from manufacturing, industrial and some are leaders in their field.

We also offer inclusive logistic servicers for customs, insurance, land transportation as well as conventional cargo, cooling, hazardous materials, all under dedicated and professional supervision.

Team Transport International Inc. is proud of it's unprecedented dedicated and committed customer service, which is founded upon an efficient and strong organization. We are privately owned with a vision to keep growing and inspire, and we aspire to provide great value in our industry.

Noam Pengas, Owner and CEO